Paul Atanya is a writer. BLOODSHED IN MANA (2012) is his first published novel and “John Fellows” in an anthology Oh, What a Character! (2010). Turning Bottles and Cans into Schools is a work of nonfiction and soon to be published. Seven more novels are waiting to go to print, Paul is a Career Advisor for the Centre for Newcomers, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  He is a philanthropist who collects bottles and cans and anything recyclable to build schools for boys and girls in the Republic of South Sudan.

Born and raised in the Sudan, Paul Atanya travelled to Canada to attend the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He holds a BA (Advanced Major) in Political Science, (University of King’s College, and a Master’s in Marine Management (Dalhousie University). He is a recipient of academic scholarships. His work on the subject of street children led to the publication of the book The Courage of Children by Peter Dalglish and the founding of Street Kids International, Toronto. He believes in women education as a means to achieve universal child education and eradicate poverty in the developing countries.  Paul is also a Rotarian. He is a co-founder of Beti-Hari Society for Education and Economic Development (BE-SEED).  Be-seed’s goal is to build schools to benefit children of rural communities in the Republic of South Sudan and Sub-Saharan Africa through the principle of one brick a time.


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