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Season’s Greetings to all blogers

Himan Press is excited to be back and for successfully recovering his blog’s info following a busy book writing schedule! I have a lot to share in the New Year. Please browse my new website


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Author is please to announce that BLOODSHED IN MANA is now available on,,,,, and

Also available on:

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Broken Masterpiece

They have an opinion so they’re allowed to stare.
Some may be true.
Others unfair.
They live to watch you hurt.
They plot on ways to keep you down,
make things worse.

They’re motive is to confuse you.
For a second you believe they care.
Only to find.
They’ve used you.
But truthfully that’s just who they are.
They’re like serial killers.
Their trophy is the scar.

They would have won if I had chose to stop.
They had it all figured out.
My fate was sealed then locked.
They were critics.
They couldn’t see I struggled with pain and its purpose.
That I had to understand,
I live in a world controlled by flesh.
and no one is perfect.

The way I seen it, I had been through it all.
I experienced the whole rise then fall.
It was I who felt and couldn’t express it.

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9 Drafts and counting…

Keeping working on the drafts and the drafts win over the droughts.


I can spell dry –




No, I’m not going through a dry spell – I have 9 droughts drafts to prove that.


Alright, alright –> it does look like a dry spell. But I’m not going through a writer’s block, I still have the 9 drafts.



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blocks image source

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The Written Word

Albertan offers the world an intriguing story from the “Dark Continent.”

BLOOODSHED IN MANA is an epic work of the soon-to-be-launched novel by Paul Atanya. This novel will plunge the reader into the so-called “Dark Continent” and come out thrilled and wanting to go back figuratively and physically. Meet the heroine Namala, the most beautiful woman in Mana or The Land. Meet Lota (Lotaparimoi), the renowned spiritual and political leader of Mana; meet the protagonist, Lojore or Fighter, the son of Namala and Lomoi, the grandson of Lota, who is raised to be a Judge, to lead Mana, to free and to defend his people from marauding enemies. Set in the 1900s, Bloodshed in Mana describes the power struggle between Jacob Marshall and his local ally Amunya (Amunyangimoi) and the Manans.

I am hoping Bloodshed in Mana would one day hit the bestseller lists. As one Alberta bestselling author remarked: “Paul, I’m not a New York bestseller but you have the talent of a New York bestseller.”  Bloodshed in Mana brings the reader the unheard of secrets of Africa. Paul writes to educate, to inform, to intrigue and to entertain. He brings what the European explorers dubbed “The Dark Continent” to light. Bloodshed in Mana is a Must read! Dive into the “Dark Continent” and come out exhilarated.

About the Author:

Paul Atanya lives in Calgary. He holds a Bachelor of Political Science Degree from the University of King’s College and a Master’s of Marine Management Degree from Dalhousie, Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is the Author of “John Fellows” in an anthology Oh, What a Character! (2010). He is author of 8 novels and 3 works of non-fiction waiting to go to print. Editors have characterized his style of writing as Dickensian. Paul Atanya writes with authenticity and his characters are very credible.

And what is the compelling reason to read his work?  Paul will make you an explorer without leaving your locality. Raised in Africa, and owning his education to his mother, who sold the family goat to send Paul to school, Paul is an authority on things African. His novels are very stimulating to read.

“… well narrated story….rich and inspiring…anthropological-philosophical in context”

–          Adam Cholong Ohiri Aham, University of Juba, Dept.  of English Language & Literature

“A brilliant read that brings Africa to life like nothing else, you won’t want to put it down

–          Teresa de Grosbois, President Wildfire Workshops Inc,

“As I read, it feels like a movie playing before my very eyes”

–          Ahmed Abdurahman, Businessman, Calgary

“…. An intriguing story of honor, love, persistence, sadness and ultimately hope”

–          Rob Huebert, Department of Political Science, University of Calgary